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Managed IT Services

Customers choose us because we always have the right resources to solve their tech conundrums, combined with Customer WOW Champions to convert those 1’s & 0’s into: 😍‘s & 🥰‘s

About Us

Out of the ICT and Internet Service
Provider trenches, three cross disciplinary technologists emerged with a vision to change the future.

Our Mission

Is to deliver customer-centric and transparent services to end customers while revolutionizing the traditional monopolistic approach in the delivery of ICT services.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of emerging trends and disruptive technologies, empowering our customers with cutting-edge solutions.

Our favourite services include


Contact center & voice solutions designed to power customer-centric organizations.Discover a range of benefits, from unlocking the potential of analytics for deeper insights to delivering seamless interactions with Smart IVR and Voice Recognition


Enjoy “big cloud” technology without sacrificing customer support.Experience the finest racks local data centres have to offer seamlessly paired with our personalized service and tailored hosting solutions, including secure backups and cloud computing



“Intellicomms offers all the expert advice and managed services you need to drive your network to success”Eric Hackett, Automobile Association of South Africa

Cyber Security

Intellicomms will assist you in navigating the shifting tides of cyber threats with adaptive security practices.Reach out for a comprehensive assessment and fortify your defenses.


Intellicomms and Netovate have collaborated to present you with solutions that enable your organization's digital transformation in an ever-changing environment.Link up with us to explore our connectivity solutions that align with your requirements.

Our favourite services include




Contact center & voice solutions designed to power customer-centric organizations.

Discover a range of benefits, from unlocking the potential of analytics for deeper insights to delivering seamless interactions with Smart IVR and Voice Recognition




Enjoy “big cloud” technology without sacrificing customer support.

Experience the finest racks local data centres have to offer seamlessly paired with our personalized service and tailored hosting solutions, including secure backups and cloud computing


“Intellicomms offers all the expert advice and managed services you need to drive your network to success”

Eric Hackett, Automobile Association of South Africa




Intellicomms will assist you in navigating the shifting tides of cyber threats with adaptive security practices.

Reach out for a comprehensive assessment and fortify your defenses.




Intellicomms and Netovate have collaborated to present you with solutions that enable your organization’s digital transformation in an ever-changing environment.

Link up with us to explore our connectivity solutions that align with your requirements.

IT Support

Why limit the collective intelligence of your IT team? One of the greatest benefits to outsourced IT is more brain power at a lower cost with less employee drama.

Intellicomms has a battalion of techies primed for deployment, ready to conquer your IT challenges.


Partner with us to unlock a scalable per seat pricing structure for IT support.

The pages that follow will detail the catalog of potential IT support resources available to you

Up next…


Meet Dr. Fix – not your typical white-coat doctor, but just as essential when your tech pulses flatline.

These technicians are in charge of firstline support, ticket catch & dispatch, customer feedback and crises triaging.

Trust in Dr. Fix for your everyday IT solutions and challenges.

The Bomb Squad

Battling IT complexities? Call in 
The Bomb Squad. 

Skilled in IT infrastructure, software, data, Voice, LAN, WAN, and tech from Japan, these engineers are primed to deploy, manage, and ensure your solutions run smoothly. No challenge is too explosive for The Bomb Squad to handle!

Customer Champion​

AKA the people pleaser. These gentle souls just want to make you smile.

They bridge the gap between our tech wizards and you, ensuring everything runs seamlessly. Beyond coordination and project management, they’re the guardians of customer happiness, always keeping you informed and satisfied.

Unicorn Wrangler

The Unicorn Wrangler excels in third-line support, ensuring compliance and continuity while championing cybersecurity. 

With masterful leadership, they gallop our IT squads towards triumph.

Creative Solutions

This team likes to get nerdy!

These bit bro’s are living their best life when they are developing innovative software solutions for our customers. 

They have seen more sprints than a olympic track, and they stand prepared to actualize your spec-driven visions.

Pied Piper

Welcome to the future! With Robotic Process Automation, you can bring a touch of magic to your repetitive tasks. 

The Pied Piper trains A.I agents to perform tasks across multiple software applications, often avoiding the complexity of slipping into the system’s backend. Reduce errors and costs while turbocharging your admin!

Code Weavers

From the threads of your imagination,
our software developers seamlessly blend creativity with functionality. 

They sculpt digital landscapes, turning abstract ideas into tangible software experiences.

Our Key Customers

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IT Support

We offer a dual approach to IT,  providing both on-demand IT solutions and services, as well as proactive managed IT services.

Our IT support services cater to a diverse range of needs and are ideal for:

Small / Medium Businesses:
In need of reliable IT support but lacking the resources for a dedicated in-house team.

Complex Infrastructures: 
Medium to large enterprises with complex network infrastructures seeking expert management.

Peak-Time Scaling:
Organizations looking to augment their IT support during peak times.

High-Dependency Organizations:
Entities that rely heavily on uninterrupted network service for their operations.

Security-Conscious Businesses:
Businesses seeking to enhance network security and efficiency.

Regulated Industries: 
Businesses operating in regulated industries that require stringent compliance measures.

Data-Centric Organizations:
Any organization prioritizing data security and integrity can benefit from our services.

IT Services

Our IT & Managed IT Services provide a wide range of solutions to manage, support, and maintain your technology infrastructure

Our offerings include:

Hardware and Software Installations:
We provide expert installation services for a wide range of hardware and software solutions.

Network Setup:
Our team can design and implement a secure, efficient network infrastructure tailored to your business needs. 

System Configurations:
We ensure your systems are configured for optimal performance and security.

Troubleshooting and Repairs:
Our team is ready to quickly diagnose and resolve any IT issues that arise.

Backup and Disaster Recovery:
We provide robust backup solutions and disaster recovery plans to protect your critical data.

Proactive IT Support:
Our team continuously monitors your IT systems to identify and resolve potential issues before they become problems.

Technical Support:
We offer technical support to ensure your business operations run smoothly.

Regular Maintenance:
We perform regular maintenance to keep your IT systems up-to-date and running efficiently.

Strategic IT Planning:
We work with you to develop a strategic IT plan that aligns with your business goals and budget.

Support Models

We offer the following types of IT Support:

  1. Project Based Support

We consult with you to determine the estimated cost to deploy your IT solutions.

  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Pay As You Use
  • Fixed Hours Retainer
  • Per Seat (First Line Support)
  • Hybrid (Per Seat & Fixed Hours)

Service Level Agreements 

We offer bespoke IT support tailored to the unique needs and complexities of your business. 
Our approach ensures that you receive precisely the level of service you require.

To align seamlessly with your evolving IT demands, our SLAs are crafted to be as dynamic as the technology they support. 

Our fixed-hour offerings include a flexible adaptation period, during which we calibrate our service hours to match your actual usage closely. This proactive adjustment period is integral to our commitment to cost-efficiency, eliminating the risk of overinvestment in unnecessary service hours.

Below are the SLA Types Explained:

Pay As You Use:

A straightforward billing approach where you are billed monthly based on the exact hours of IT support utilized.

Service Level Agreements 

Fixed Hours Retainer:

A predictable, budget-friendly option where a
set number of support hours are agreed upon
in advance.

If your needs surpass this allocation, we offer additional support following a clear and approved process that ensures transparency and control over your IT expenditures.

Per Seat (First Line Support)

Ideal for businesses seeking a consistent cost structure, this plan offers a fixed rate per user, guaranteeing immediate access to first-line support services.

R250 (Per Seat)

Second and third line support is provided on a pay as you use basis when subscribed to this model. (This can include a quotation process)

Hybrid (Per Seat & Fixed Hours): 

“The Beancounters favorite”

Combining the predictability of Per Seat’ pricing for first-line support with the tailored ‘Fixed Hours’ for more complex needs, this plan offers a comprehensive solution that evolves with your organization.

Up Next…

In the following pages, we’ll provide a detailed exploration of the distinctive services and expertise you can anticipate from our tiered support structure, encompassing our first, second, and third line support teams.

Who We Are

Dr. Fix is Intellicomms’ dedicated first response team, providing prompt and reliable solutions for all your basic IT needs.
We’re your first point of contact, ensuring your technical issues are addressed with speed and expertise

What We Do

Rapid Response:
We understand the urgency of your issues. Dr. Fix is here to provide quick and effective solutions to get you back on track.

Problem Solving:
From password resets to software glitches, we handle a wide array of common technical challenges with ease and efficiency.
Customer Service:
Our team isn’t just tech-savvy; we’re people-focused. We ensure your experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible

Functions and Responsibilities:

User Account Management:
We assist with password resets, account lockouts, and setting up new user accounts, ensuring you have uninterrupted access to your systems.
Basic Hardware Support:
We troubleshoot common hardware problems including issues with printers, computers, and connectivity to ensure your devices are always operational
Software Assistance:
We perform software installations, updates, and basic troubleshooting, ensuring your applications run smoothly.
Email Support:
We help set up and configure email accounts and resolve issues related to sending or receiving emails.
Network Access:
We assist with internet connectivity issues and VPN setup to ensure you’re always connected to the resources you need.
Access Management:
We manage file and printer shares, adjusting permissions as necessary to maintain the security and functionality of your resources.
Security and Virus Mitigation:
We perform virus and malware scanning processes and apply best practices to keep your systems secure.
Initial Assessment and Escalation:
We assess the severity of your issue and, if necessary, escalate it to higher levels of support for further specialized attention.
Our Commitment
We are dedicated to delivering swift and efficient resolutions to your IT challenges.

Who We Are

The Bomb Squad is Intellicomms’ elite problem-solving unit, equipped to tackle more complex IT challenges. When first-line support has cleared the path, we’re the specialists who take the baton and race to the finish line.

We’re the engineers, deploying robust solutions and strengthening your IT defenses.

What We Do:

Rapid Deployment:
We don’t just respond; we deploy. 
The Bomb Squad is quick on the scene with solutions that are both strategic and efficient, ensuring that complex IT issues are resolved swiftly, minimizing downtime and disruption.

Advanced Problem Solving:
From intricate network configurations to complex software integration, we navigate through the labyrinth of advanced IT problems with precision and agility.

Customer-Centric Engineering:
We believe in engineering solutions that are not just technically sound but also aligned with user needs. We ensure that the solutions we deploy enhance your team’s work, not complicate it.

Functions and Responsibilities:

Advanced Troubleshooting:
The Bomb Squad takes on intricate system and network issues, deploying sophisticated diagnostic tools and methodologies to resolve problems that are beyond first-tier support.

Specialized Hardware Support:
From server repairs to complex hardware installations, they manage all aspects of your hardware needs to ensure maximum uptime and performance.

In-Depth Software Support:
Whether it’s resolving complex software errors or managing updates and configurations, the team’s expertise ensures that your software solutions are optimized for your business.

Network Optimization:
We ensure your network is running at peak efficiency, with a focus on advanced configuration, management, and security.

Security and Compliance:
Implementing robust security measures and ensuring your IT complies with the latest regulations is part of their mandate to protect your digital assets.

Escalation and Resolution:
When an issue requires specialized knowledge or access, The Bomb Squad steps in to provide the necessary expertise to find a resolution.

Our Commitment
We are dedicated to delivering swift and efficient resolutions to your IT challenges.

Who We Are

The Unicorn Wrangler stands at the apex of our IT support structure, emerging as the ultimate troubleshooter amidst escalating tech complexities. 

This elite unit is distinguished by its strategic acumen and unmatched expertise, adeptly navigating and resolving the toughest IT challenges with finesse and precision.

What We Do:

Strategic Oversight:
Our strategic oversight ensures careful navigation through complex IT environments. We focus on delivering thoughtful solutions that go beyond quick fixes, aiming to strengthen and future-proof your tech infrastructure.

The Final Boss:
For every technical challenge, there’s a final boss. The Unicorn Wrangler stands at this final frontier, delivering decisive victories against even the most daunting of tech adversities.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software robots or ‘bots’ to automate routine, rule-based tasks usually performed by humans. 

These bots interact with digital systems and software, replicating human actions like clicking, typing, and reading from screens. 

They follow specific rules, workflows and logic in order to automate various tasks.

RPA bots are designed to work alongside human workers, taking over mundane tasks to boost efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in business operations.


RPA is like having a digital helper for your business. Think of it as a tireless employee who never sleeps, makes no mistakes nor has any complaints. 

Great applications for bots include:

  • Data entry and validation.
  • Processing invoices and payments.
  • Generating standard reports and analytics.
  • Monitoring email inboxes for specific action items.
  • Updating CRM entries and maintaining databases.
  • Extracting and processing structured data from documents.


Human In The Loop:

Our bots operate seamlessly within your existing workflows, springing into action for routine tasks. When they encounter a novel situation or a deviation in the process, they don’t falter. Instead, they signal for human intervention, combining your team’s expertise with their efficiency. 

This integration ensures that every new variable becomes an opportunity for growth, not a stumbling block.


Machine Learning:

Our agents are more than task performers; they are perpetual learners. At the core of our technology lies ‘Machine Learning’ a process through which our bots enhance their skills from each task they undertake. 

They don’t just adapt; they evolve, growing more proficient with every interaction. This continuous improvement translates into increasing efficiency for your business with each passing day.

Reach out for a strategic consultation to reveal how
Intellicomms can redefine efficiency in your business.

At Intellicomms, our Code Weavers are more than just programmers; they are the artisans of the digital realm. With a passion for coding and a flair for innovation, they transform complex problems into elegant software solutions. The journey begins with scoping and consultation – a collaborative process where we delve into the heart of your business needs.

What We Do:

Scoping & Consultation:
Our scoping sessions are the foundation of our development process. The Code Weavers engage with you to fully understand the scope of your project, ensuring every functional requirement and creative vision is captured. This initial phase is critical, as it lays out the blueprint for your bespoke software solution, aligning with your business objectives and user needs.

From Concept to Code:
With the roadmap defined, our Code Weavers bring your project to life. They meticulously craft each line of code, ensuring every feature and function is built to spec. It’s not just about writing code; it’s about weaving together technology and creativity to produce software that’s not only effective but also intuitive and enjoyable to use.

Consultative Development:
Throughout the development lifecycle, the Code Weavers maintain an open line of communication. Consultative check-ins ensure that the evolving project remains aligned with your expectations, allowing for agile adjustments and refinements based on feedback and new insights.

Experience Architects:
The end goal for our Code Weavers is to sculpt digital landscapes that resonate with users. By turning abstract ideas into tangible experiences, they ensure that the software is not just a tool but a part of an engaging and productive user journey.

At Intellicomms, the Code Weavers are the architects of your digital future, weaving together the threads of imagination and practicality to deliver custom software solutions that drive success.

Our Key Customers

Our Key Customers